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Compensation Committee  
Facts of operation:  
1. The Company's Compensation Committee was established on December 23, 2011, and has three Committee members.
2. The tenure of the Committee members in the current session: June 26, 2018 till June 25, 2021
Position Capacity Name Satisfactory to qualification requirements
Convener Independent director YANN-CHING TSAI 1
Committee member Others SHENG-NIAN YEH 1
Committee member Others HSIN-TIEN HSU 3
The qualification requirements to be satisfied :
1. As a lecturer or higher ranking teaching in a public or private university in the Departments of Commerce, Legal Affairs, Finance, Accounting or the Departments of the subject linked up with the Company's business.
2. As a judge, public prosecutor, Certified Public Accountant or other professional and technician having successfully passed the national examination and holding the certificates.
3. Having accumulated hands-on experience in commerce, legal affairs, finance, accounting or the experiences required for the Company's business operation.

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