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The organization and operation of internal audit:
The Company has duly enacted the "Enforcement Rules for Internal Audit" which functions for the purposes, establishment, scope, items of internal audit and the as the governing norm which all interior auditors shall abide by.
Purposes of internal audit:
The efforts of an internal audit are intended to help the board of directors and the managerial officers examine and recheck the defects in an internal audit, the effect and efficiency of the Company's business operation, offer proposals for better performances from time to time to assure that the internal control system may be implemented continually and effectively, as the very grounds to reassess the internal control system.
Establishment of the internal audit:
The Company has duly set up the Internal Audit which belongs to and operates under the board of directors. Pursuant to the Company's scale, business operation, need of management and laws and ordinances concerned, the Company has assigned competent internal auditors at the right number. At the moment, the Internal Audit is staffed with an Audit Director and an agent thereof. The appointment and discharge of the Audit Director shall be subject to approval by the board of directors.

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